The second application is usually necessary not only to perfect the procedure but to reinforce it.

Men can need eyebrows replaced as well as women.  Linda White is knowledgeable in the differences in facial structure and eyebrows for men.

Eyebrows are very important in that they frame the face.  They are also important for giving us expression.  Giving the illusion of matching eyebrows can take a great deal of artistic skill.  Most faces are not symmetrical.  In some cases, one side of the face will be wide and flat and the other side narrow and curved.  Making the eyebrows appear to match in this circumstance requires the art of illusion.

Linda White uses both the hand tool and machine depending on the desired appearance.  Eyebrows should be groomed up to three days before a procedure.  Long hair in the brows should be trimmed.


The cost for microblading with SofTap added to make it permanent is $350.00 for one application and $500.00 for two applications.

The cost for other permanent techniques - Microstroking, Ombre, Stardust brows is $350.00 for one application and $500.00 for two applications.

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 The cost for microblading alone is $250.00 for one application and $100.00 for follow-up applications for first year. 

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The cost for a touch-up application for brows done at

Always Flawless is  $150.00