Are you busy?  Would you like to wake up with makeup, saving valuable time?  Who benefits

from Permanent Cosmetics?

*Men as well as women.

*Athletic people and those with oily skin.

*People with impaired vision or limited mobility.

*People disfigured by accident, burn, or surgery.

*Post operative mastectomy patients.

*People suffering from alopecia or vitiligo.

*People with allergies to conventional makeup.

​*People unsure of how to apply makeup. 

About Linda White

Are You A Candidate

Linda White, owner of Always Flawless, has been providing micropigmentation services in Doctor's offices in the Savannah area since 2004.  Linda worked as a Beauty Advisor for a conventional cosmetics company and then segued into permanent makeup in 2004.  A knowledge of correct makeup application is essential to permanent cosmetics. 

Using the SofTap (handtool), rotary and coil machines, Linda takes advantage of the attributes unique to the different techniques. 


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​To stay up to date on the latest permanent makeup trends and techniques, Linda attends continuing education classes and is a member in good standing with the Society of Permanent Cosmetics Professionals (SPCP).

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